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Welcome to Sophisticated Hair

We can’t believe its already been just over 3 years since Sophisticated Hair opened.  To be so continuously busy & have so many happy regular clients is what makes us very proud of what has been created here by our hardworking team.

  We are now embracing a new & different way of working post Covid-19 outbreak & would like to assure you we have put lots of strict safety measures in place to ensure all of our safely when you visit.



Time for a change

We’ve always tried to have a environmentally friendly approach using more eco friendly options & using less plastics where possible however what alot of you wont know is that 18months after opening I{Sophia} started to have some serious allergic reactions to the hairdressing products {not that uncommon for hairdressers working with strong chemicals} It was this experience that lead me down this new exciting path we are now on! The extensive research I’ve now done on the chemicals we all expose ourselves to on a daily basis in our homes & especially with our cosmetics was really shocking. I wanted to make a big change in every area of life & that includes the salon.

In July Sophisticated Hair will re open (after 15 weeks closed due to Coronavirus) as much more greener, sustainable, healthier, lower chemical hair salon! I have spent this year researching, testing & trailing new products. Finally I have found the perfect company to partner with & I believe you will all love them too.



Sensus have such an ethical approach to everything they do, right from the sustainable manufacturing plant in Italy where everything is made to every ounce of colour in their environmentally friendly tubes of colour!

We can now say that our salon is PPD FREE, AMMONIA FREE, ARTIFICIAL FRANGRANCE FREE, PARABEN FREE, M.I FREE, SILICONE FREE & VEGAN. This is a huge step in this industry & we are so proud to be a leader in this.

Our new colour line  MC2 manages to create vibrant, fantastic results with brilliant grey coverage while still being 93% natural!

So from creating your colourful rainbow requests to more classic timeless colour choices we can now offer you this service in a healthier environment with high quality low chemical products, a perfect match for our precision cutting skills & friendly atmosphere.

All our styling & Shampoos/Conditoner range is also free from all the above so your whole salon experience with be gentler. The take home range is amazing so make sure you stock up when you visit.

It will be so lovely to now be able to cater to those clients with eczema & skin irritations much more easily, If you have any specific sensitivities or allergies & need some more technical advice please do feel free to ask.

We look forward to sharing the new products with you soon!

Thanks for stopping by

Sophia x


About Us

Meet the team

Just a little about how this gorgeous little gem of a salon came about.

I am Sophia, I am a wife, a mother of 3 and a hairdresser/salon owner. I really love my job!

Starting at 14 years old with 2 weeks work experience, then as a Saturday girl I went on to train at Bournemouth College and qualified at 18 with a huge love of the industry. I’ve loved keeping up with new techniques over the years as you can never stop learning in hairdressing. I have been self employed as a mobile hairdresser for most of this time and I really enjoyed the personal touch that this allowed me to give to my clients. Its that ‘one to one’ service that made me want to create this happy little space where we really aim to make everyone feel included.

The Vision for opening Sophisticated Hair was always to create a small, bright, relaxed beautiful environment where ALL women will feel comfortable, listened to and valued as a customer. Our goal is for you to leave us feeling uplifted and in love with your new hair!